About Gaurev Kapur


With over 12 years of expertise in Real Estate, Gaurev Kapur is one of the leading Real Estate Investment Experts in Gurgaon. He brings a multi-faceted corporate background and professional approach to Residential and Commercial real estate with his broad education and deep knowledge in real estate project management, negotiations, and financial analysis.

He respects that his clients are entrusting, what is perhaps, their largest financial investment in him. His testimonials from many satisfied clients and customers speak to his ability, character, and competency.

Golden Assets is a sister company of Golden Bricks, which was established and founded by father Mr. Rajiv Kapur in the year 2000. Gaurev Kapur joined the family business in 2007 after he completed his Masters from Leeds University, UK.

How did he discover his passion for real estate?

With real estate being his family business, Gaurev developed his deep passion for Real Estate as a child. The 12 years that he has been running Golden Assets have taught him a lot in regards to business and communication, while he also gained deep knowledge and understanding of the real estate sector.

To this day, he has successfully handled 2000+ clients and 1000+ international clients. He has also created wealth and passive income for his clients.

“It really hurts me whenever I see the real estate industry in chaos and shambles; I feel real estate industry lacks Transparency and Real estate industry requires transformation. I want to bring transparency and honesty to the Indian Real Estate Industry. All my actions are towards reforming the Unorganized & Dishonest Real Estate Industry. “

Golden Asset’s Valued Corporate Clients include:

We are proudly associated with top developers of Gurgaon like DLF, AIPL, Godrej Adani, Suncity, M3M, EMAAR, Paras, Ireo, Raheja, and many more. Gaurev Kapur has successfully worked on 50+ projects.